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Uschi Digart Biography Photo Uschi Digart Biography
Born: 8/15/1948
Aliases: Sally Martin, Ushie Digard, Ushi Digart, Ushi Heidi Sohler, Uschi Digard

Country of Origin: Sweden
Province / State: Stockholms
Place of Birth: Saltsjö-Duvnäs
Date of Birth: August 15, 1948
Aliases: Astrid, Ann Biggs, Debbie Bowman, Britt, Marie Brown, Clarissa, Debbie, Ushi Devon, Julia Digaid, Uschi Digaid, Ushi Digant, Ursula Digard, Ushie Digard, Ushi, Ushi Digard, Ushie Plushie, Alicia Digart, Uma Digart, Uschi Dansk, Uschi Digart, Ushi Digart, Ushi Digert, Uschi Digger, Beatrice Dunn, Gina, Sheila Gramer, Ilsa, Cynthia Jones, Karin, Astrid Lillimor, Astrid Lillimore, Linda Lolli, Lola, Marie Marceau, Marni, Mindy, Mookie, Olga, Inge Pinson, Ronnie Roundheels, Sherrie, Heidi Bush, H. Sohl, Heide Sohl, Heidi Sohler, U. Heidi Sohler, Susie, Edie Swenson, Joanie Ulrich, Ursula, Uschi, Ushi, Elke Vann, Elke Von, Jobi Winston, Ingrid Young.
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 170 cm - 5 feet and 7 inches
Weight: 62 kg - 136 lbs
Measurements: 44EE-26-35
Fake Boobs: No!!!
Career Status: Retired
Shoe Size: 7.5
Years active: 1968 - 1989

Uschi Digard was born in Bismarck, North Dakota, USA but moved to Scandinavia soon after her birth. While living there she worked as a translator, racking up 9 languages that she can speak before doing some movies that you aren't quite sure are porn. Uschi Digard also worked at the United Nations as a formal interpreter. In addition Uschi Digard spent two years as an interpreter for a computer company in France. Uschi Digard also is extremely popular in Asia, and even had her own line of Uschi Digard perfume there. The are avante-garde and sexy but..well, you walk away a bit confused but know one thing for sure. Uschi Digard (or Digart) is one hot babe with some amazing natural tits.

In 1966 she moved back to the USA and began making porn in earnest. She has appeared in over 120 films in her career. She also became a favorite of softcore B-ster, Russ Meyers and appeared in quite a few of his films in the late 1970's.

Uschi Digard got her big adult sex film break in 1969 when a film lab lost some footage of Russ Meyer's "Cherry, Harry, & Raquel". Russ Meyer, who had discovered Uschi Digard in a nude Penthouse feature, shot some sex action footage of Uschi Digard to replace the missing footage. This led to the casting of Uschi Digard in two other Russ Meyer films: "Supervixens" (1975) and "Beneath the Valley of the Ultravixens" (1979).

Porn Star Uschi Digard started her adult acting career as one of the favorite huge-breasted heroines of director Russ Meyer. Uschi Digard starred in a host of his late 60's and 70's sex and violence melodramas, including 'Supervixens' and 'Beneath the Valley of the Ultra Vixens,' where her lesbian sex action scene with big breasted Kitten Natividad provided a highlight for big tit fans everywhere. Uschi Digard's most obvious asset was what got Meyer to notice her in the first place - her incredibly large natural breasts. Uschi Digard had the slightly European, full-figured look that Meyer always sought out, and displayed a way with double-entendre dialogue that led tor a lengthy career as a big boobed nude porn model and actress in many magazines and films.

Uschi Digard was an associate producer in another Russ Meyer sex action film, "Up!" (1976) but she is most remembered for her portrayal of the nymphomaniac Scandinavian mail order bride of an Arizona bachelor farmer (Stewart Lancaster) in "Supervixens."

Uschi Digard didn't confine herself to Russ Meyer's films, and established herself as one of the earliest porn stars, making a name for herself in 70's porn movies that let her stretch her erotic talents. Uschi Digard’s sex action with John Holmes in 1974's 'I Want You' turned a few heads, as did her three-way group sex scene with Johnny Keyes and fellow busty porn star Candy Samples in 'John Holmes and the All-Star Sex Queens.'
n the 70's Uschi Digard made a number of adult sex action films in the San Francisco area, but eventually the adult film industry moved to Los Angeles. Often a hotel on Sunset Strip would be used for the Uschi Digard sex action filming or explicit nude photography, and occasionally a home in Beverly Hills would be rented for a day.

By the late 70's, Uschi Digard had gone quietly into the porn night, and now Uschi Digard is remembered mostly for her bra-busting Russ Meyer sex action roles. But Uschi Digard was much more than just a pair of breasts, and fans of classic erotica should seek out Uschi Digard - this little-known and under appreciated member of the 70's porn world.

Uschi Digard went by several names, and more than likely you will find her presented in back issue magazines as not only Uschi Digard, but any number of aliases such as: Astrid Lillimore, Uschi Devon, Marni, Sherrie, Elke Von, Heidi Sohler, and even Ronnie Roundheels. In addition Uschi Digard was a sex advice columnist for "Gent" Magazine in the early 80's and gave advice to many a frustrated adult sex movie fan. Uschi Digard officially retired from the adult film and nude photo scene in 1992, after a very successful 20 plus year career.

During the 70's and early 80's is called the Golden Age of Porn and Uschi had the pleasure of starring in some of the most bizarre films imaginable during this time. What made the Age so Golden was the fact that porn had reasonably good production values for the time and well-written dialogue (well that might be pushing it) and, most importantly, storylines. Some truly outrageous storylines. I really recommend you rent some of her films from this time and just sit back and enjoy.

Uschi's retired in the late 80's and now splits her time with her husband between their two homes in Palm Springs and North Hollywood.

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